GISC/GSEN Podcast Series

The GISC/GSEN program at TAMUCC has started a podcast series that we would like you to know about.  The purpose of the podcast series is to provide short, interview-style audio recordings of faculty, staff, and former students of the program so the general public and students can learn more about the program and what our students are accomplishing with their degrees.  We also plan to discuss issues of the day or whatever comes to mind.

Our goal is to produce at least four podcasts a month during the Fall/Spring semesters.  We have already created and posted 10 podcasts covering all of the faculty, the academic adviser and one former student.

Please visit and give a listen to a podcast or two over in the Broadcasts section of our website:

Also available in the Broadcasts section are GSEN Graduate Project/Thesis presentation recordings and GISC student internship recordings.


Rick S

Assistant Professor and Program Coordinator of GISC and GSEN Programs at TAMUCC

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