2011 Spring Meeting to be held Online?

I spoke with Dr. Loon this morning, and we came to the consensus that an in-person meeting will NOT be necessary to handle committee business this spring.

We have an item or two to address from the last meeting that can easily be handled online.  The only major item that will require a meeting at the campus is the student interviews/presentations that we discussed.  We did NOT set a firm time or date to conduct these interviews and receive the presentations, we are not yet prepared for it, and there is little time left to do so.

Dr. Loon says that there are a couple issues that we will need to discuss, that are coming up, but he thinks we can do it online easily.  Spring break is next week, and he will get back to me with some information after that, some time later this month.

I recommend the following:

  • Conduct minor committee business online over the next couple months – we can approve these items online or at the next meeting, whichever is most convenient
  • begin planning the format and content of the student presentations/interviews
  • have an online meeting next month (via teleconference or online meeting software now provided by the university) to discuss the matters that the coordinator presents to us

This will eliminate the need to travel to the campus next month.  We will still have to select a day for the meeting, which will most likely be late April, but can decide that at a later time.

What are the committee’s thoughts?


  1. Although I enjoy seeing everyone and interacting face-to-face with all of the members, it appears that we are fast running out of available days for a “springtime” meeting — so meeting online works for me.  I would love to get to know the new members, but that will happen when we get together for the student presentations/interviews.

    Thanks for all you do, Billy. 

  2. The online meeting will work for me as well.  

    And, I second Noela’s thanks to Billy.  You do a fantastic job!

  3. Right now with everything going on with legislation in Austin, an online meeting will be best for me too.  Thanks Billy.

  4. The online meeting sounds great. I’m out of the office in early April.  Getting at date and time nailed down soon would preferred.
    Can a video interview / presentations be done on the web or is meeting a preferred option?
    Thank you.

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