2012 Spring Regular Meeting Minutes

As always, thanks to Dee for recording the minutes.  We will not read these at the meeting.  Please submit changes now in the comment form below, or come prepared with comments at the meeting.  There will be opportunity at the meeting to discuss prior to approving the minutes.

2011 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes

Thanks again Dee for recording the minutes. We will not read these at the next meeting, so please read them now and make note of any changes you may have. You may post changes in the comment section below if you like. We will have an opportunity to discuss any changes at the meeting prior to approval.

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2010 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes

Thanks to Dee for recording and submitting these minutes. Please note that due to the absence of Dr. Loon, an alternate agenda was used. Following are the minutes from the meeting. Anything on the original agenda that was not addressed at this meeting will be at a future time.

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