2024 Spring Regular Meeting Agenda

TAMU-CC Academic Advising Committee Agenda

Spring 2024, Friday 4/12/2024, at 11:00 am for the informal meeting, followed by lunch and the formal meeting at 12:30 pm, at the OCNR Building, Room 118.

If you are unable to attend in person, you may participate remotely as follows:

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Meeting ID: 211 323 837 60
Passcode: CsH6bw
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Dial-in by phone
+1 361-434-5376,,920156254#
United States, Corpus Christi
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Phone conference ID: 920 156 254#


  • Stephen Blaskey (Chair)
  • Miguel Escobar (Vice Chair)
  • William Bernsen
  • Sheila Steffenson
  • Noela Garza
  • Keith McNease
  • Mike Beavers
  • Dan Stone
  • Donny Sosa
  • Brent Jones
  • Mike Calhoun
  • Chris Garza

Early Meeting (11:00 am)

The informal early meeting before lunch is for us to get caught up and prepare for the formal meeting. In addition, students will be invited to attend.

Lunch (provided ±12:00)

Call to Order (±12:30) – Welcome and introductions

  1. Member re-appointments
  2. Unfinished Business
  3. Approval of the 2022 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes
  4. GISSO Report as available (membership status, meeting attendance, activities, student concerns/requests/feedback, etc.)
  5. Program name change
    • Geographic to Geospatial
  6. Assessment
  7. ABET re-accreditation
  8. Delivery method (add online delivery option)
  9. Recruitment (low enrollment)
  10. BS degree curriculum review
  11. Certificates curriculum review (below)
  12. Internship Required Tasks Review (5 tasks students must complete during their internship)
    • Provide a Weekly Report to the instructor of record.
    • Must spend a day with a principal or senior level management within the firm. Ethics, marketing, and management should be covered.
    • Must spend a day with accounting individual concerning accounts payable, receivable and budgetary items within firm. Policies and procedures of accounting practices should be demonstrated.
    • Students must have permission to present an overview of a project or problem that the student participated in with solutions during the internship with firm. The presentation will be to faculty and students at end of internship during a GISSO meeting on campus.
    • Students should receive experience in a variety of aspects of the firm’s projects with mentored supervision covering field work (if appropriate), office work, equipment maintenance, software instruction or other professional activities conducted by the firm.
  13. Spring meeting potential time and content
  14. Other Business

Member & Officer Term Expiration

  • Spring 2023 – William Bernsen, Keith McNease, Stephen Blaskey & Miguel Escobar
  • Spring 2024 – Sheila Steffenson, Mike Beavers, Dan Stone & Mike Calhoun
  • Spring 2025 – Noela Garza, Donny Sosa, Brent Jones & Chris Garza
  • Chair & Vice Chair terms expire Spring of 2025

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