What is the purpose of our committee?

I have been asked to provide, in a paragraph, a description of what the AAC committee is and does.  Here it is…

The TAMUCC GISc Academic Advising Committee (AAC) is a committee of diversified industry professionals which advises the University on matters of curriculum [primarily].  If it is the University’s desired outcome to produce well-educated graduates who are well-prepared for the geospatial workforce, it is our responsibility to advise the University, upon request, to help them develop the curriculum necessary to do so.  We have no authority over the curriculum or the University, but a requirement of the ABET accreditation is that they have, and consult with, an advisory committee.  Officially, we advise on matters of curriculum but in practice, the University asks us to advise on a larger range of subjects.  We meet with faculty, staff, students and guests once or twice a year, on Fridays, at the Conrad Blucher Institute (on campus), usually from 11 am to about 3 pm (lunch provided).  We learn about the curriculum, the GISc Program and University in general and other related matters; we hear comments from students, faculty and guests; and, we advise the University on matters put before the committee.  Together with the University, it is our goal to produce the best geospatial professionals in the world!

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