Looming deadline, game plan for the fall meeting

We still have a couple weeks to approve the curriculum, but we have tentatively planned to meet next Friday (9/18, which is sneaking up on us quickly).  I don’t think that it can be pushed back, but I will see if we have that option.    I wonder if this would be a good time to try an online meeting.  Do you think we can handle the discussion of the curriculum online (via blog), or is a meeting in Corpus Christi necessary?

We need to study the curriculum and make recommendations.  What is the concensus of the committee?

  1. online discussion, meet next week (or later if possible) for presentations, questions, make recommendations and to wrap things up
  2. online discussion, send a letter to the university with our comments at our leisure
  3. please make other suggestions

What are your schedules?  Can every body still make a meeting next Friday?

I would still need to check with Dee to confirm that we can still have a meeting at the time we discussed, and also check with Stacey to see if he has any specifics he wants to discuss with us.  At this time, we don’t havy any agenda items except review the curriculum and give a report of our recommendations so the faculty can submit their plans to the university.

I get the feeling that everybody is still very busy.  Oh, and by the way, we are expecting a baby any time now.  That could certainly have an affect on my schedule over the next several weeks.  The baby is due early October, so if we get are business taken care of in September, I will only have a conflict if the baby is early, which is a distinct possibility.  If we have a meeting in Corpus next week, or any time over the next couple of weeks, Jeff will have to be prepared to conduct the meeting in the event I cannot be there.

We have little time to confirm the need for a meeting next week, so everybody please take a few moments to consider these matters and leave your comments.  Feel free to send me an email if you prefer that.

I will try to start the discussion on the curriculum.  I will read through the new curriculum, and blog with any comments that I may have.


  1. I think option #2 above is the best idea considering the short turn around time. I didnt see a lot of surprises at first review (other than there is only 1 elective slot) but want to read through course descriptions before final comment.

  2. Billy,
    This is my first visit to the website – very collaborative environment. Great job putting it together!
    Regarding the upcoming schedule: I am available to meet via conference call on Friday, but I cannot get to Corpus Christi. I have a conference bridge number we can use if needed. I suggest we use recommendation #2 above, as also noted by Sheila. We should meet (via conference call) to discuss the proposed degree plans, get comments from the Committee members, and then send a single letter to the University with our recommendation as a Committee. I am willing to chair the meeting and I can write the letter to the University. Of course, before sending the letter, a draft will be circulated to all AAC members for comments and input.

    Question – Exactly when are comments on the proposed degree programs due to the University. I need to understand the urgency so I can be sure to support the schedule. Like everyone on the AAC, I have no “available” time and simply need to shift priorities to get things done.

  3. I like option #2. Remember, there is a link to the course descriptions on the right side of the page, under resources. Jeff is on the right track. I talked to Stacey this morning. There are “other issues” popping up, which he will elaborate on later. It is kind of hard to keep up with all the changes. They have to have their plan submitted on October 1st. If we can have our final recomendations to them by 9/25 (next Friday), then Stacey thinks they will have enough time to do what they need to do. He would like to participate in the conference call. We should familiarize ourselves with the new curriculum, and discuss it online. Then, we have the conference call with Stacey either Friday or Monday. Then, we’ll have a few days to discuss our comments and draft the letter. Jeff, so far, all of our kids have been born on the weekend. If that holds true, you probably won’t have to chair any meetings. I just wanted to make sure you were prepared for in case the worst happened. If you are willing to write the letter, you might be the best candidate to do so.
    To summarize…
    1) study curriculum on our own this week, post our comments on the blog and hold online discussion.
    2) conference call Friday or Monday to collect our thoughts, hear from Stacey.
    3) Draft a letter to be emailed to the university no later than 9/25.
    How does that sound?

  4. Billy,

    Option #2 works best for me, although Friday is preferred as I will be unavailable next week should the meeting need to be pushed. I will review the curriculum over the next couple of days and post comments. Thanks for all of your hard work putting this together and I hope all goes well with the new addition to your family.

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