Motion to Amend Bylaws – Amend Election Procedures

The committee has agreed in principle that there is no reason to be forced to reject any qualified candidates who are willing to serve simply due to an interpretation of the current bylaws.  One of the modifications to this section stipulates that the Committee must also choose the number of vacancies to fill, or the number of new members to elect, prior to commencement of the vote.


I move to amend Section 2.06 – Voting Procedures of the bylaws as follows:

Section 2.06 – Election Voting Procedures

Voting shall not commence until the Committee has determined the number of vacancies to be filled, the requisite an adequate number of nominations have been received, and adequate time has been allowed for discussion.  Voting shall be by ballot and may be conducted by email if preferable.  Votes shall be cast only for the nominees listed on the ballot.  Each member shall vote once for each vacancy.  Where applicable, if a majority vote is not reached for any one candidate for a particular vacancy on the first ballot, then time will be allowed for discussion, and a second vote shall be conducted.  If, upon tabulation of the results of the second ballot, a majority is not reached, then a plurality shall be used to determine the winning candidate for that particular vacancy.


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