2022 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes from the Fall 2022 meeting. If there are any additions or corrections, there will be opportunity at the meeting to discuss the minutes prior to approving them.

2022 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes – December 2, 2022

The meeting was called to order at 12:30 pm by Steven Blaskey. Attendees were introduced and it was noted that the meeting would be recorded and available upon request.


  • Current, past and future Members
    • Stephen Blaskey, Miguel Escobar, William Bernsen, Dan Stone, Mike Beavers, Mike Calhoun
    • Noela Garza, Chris Garza, Donny Sosa, Keith McNease & Brent Jones (online)
  • Faculty & Staff
    • Tianxing Chu, Davey Edwards, Lucy Huang, Antonio Medrano, Chandra Sekharan (Department Chair), Michale Starek & Hongzhi Song (in-person)
    •  Henry Kuehlem (online)
  • CBI Executive Director: Rick Smith
  • College Recruiting & STEM Outreach Program Coordinator: Mayra Alvarado
  • Student Representatives
    • Ryan Burka, Joshua Montemayor & Jake Sablatura

Committee Reconstitution

It was noted that most of the members’ terms had expired since our last meeting so the first order of business had to be reconstituting the committee.  Current and past Members in attendance agreed as follows:

  1. William Bernsen, Keith McNease, Stephen Blaskey and Miguel Escobar would be Members with terms expiring in the spring of 2023.
  2. Sheila Steffenson, Mike Beavers and Dan Stone would be Members with terms expiring in the spring of 2024, and
  3. Noela Garza, Donny Sosa and Brent Jones would be Members with terms expiring in the spring of 2025.

Elections for New Members & Officers

A quorum was verified and then the committee proceeded to elect two new Members.  Mike Calhoun’s Membership will expire in the spring of 2024 and Chris Garza’s Membership will expire in the spring of 2025.  The total committee Membership is now twelve.

Elections were then held for officers and Stephen Blaskey was elected Chair, and Miguel Escobar was elected Vice-Chair.  William Bernsen was appointed Secretary with the consent of the Committee.

Brief discussion on attendance requirements for Members was held while the minutes of the previous meeting were circulated for comments.  No action was taken.

Previous Minutes

The minutes from the 2019 Fall Meeting of the AAC were approved without change upon a motion duly made, seconded and approved without objection by the committee.

Unfinished Business

The Chair asked if there was any unfinished business, and none was offered.

Recruitment and Outreach

The first item of new business was recruitment and outreach.  Very lengthy discussion was held related to finding, recruiting and supporting students.

  • Enrollment numbers: 6 freshman, 6 sophomores, 10 juniors & 12 seniors, for a total of 34 undergrads, plus 16 masters and 21 PhD students
  • Options and obstacles to online learning
  • The changing atmosphere, environment and attitudes
  • 2 year vs 4 year program differences around the country, online vs in-person
  • Legislative changes and their impact
  • Examples of what works around the country
  • Potential for future legislative changes
  • Articulation agreements with junior colleges
  • Why 4 year degrees matter, passing rates
  • How can industry help recruit?
  • Where are applicants coming from?
  • CBI support, Public Relations Officer
  • Plea for funding and support from industry and vendors
  • Internships in general
  • Student input
    • What brought you here?
    • What keeps you here?
  • Discussed Kline dual-enrollment program, and Tuloso-Midway program, high school trade curriculums

ABET Self-Study

The second item of new business was the upcoming ABET self-study.  It was announced that an ABET self-study would be held in the fall of 2023 through the spring of 2024.  There was little discussion and no action taken at this time.

Feedback on Curriculum

The third item of new business was industry feedback on curriculum.  There were several excellent questions and suggestions and a very healthy and constructive discussion ensued.

  • Brief discussion on changes made to curriculum base on previous suggestions
  • Question about when and where CAD is taught
  • Question/Suggestion, when and where is reading plans taught?
  • Question, is parcel mapping taught?
  • What is “digital twin”?  New Virtual World and the Matrix!
  • The nature and future of technology for the industry
  • Digital modeling
  • Emerging trends and technology
  • When and where are datums and projections taught?

Other Business

It was agreed that we would meet in the middle of April this spring to study the curriculum in more detail.  The committee should be provided access to basic information about the curriculum in general and each class more specifically in advance of the meeting and most of the meeting time should be dedicated to this purpose.

At 3 pm, a motion was made by William Bernsen to end the meeting.  The motion was seconded and approved without objection and the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,
William Bernsen, Secretary
(with help from Hongzhi Song)

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