2018 Spring Regular Meeting Agenda

TAMU-CC Academic Advising Committee Agenda

Spring 2018, Friday 4/27/2018, Time 11:00 am, Conrad Blucher Institute Conference Room

If you are unable to attend in person, you may call in to the meeting at (361) ???-???? (TBD).


  • William Bernsen, Chair
  • Brandi Lowe, Vice Chair
  • Sheila Steffenson
  • Noela Garza
  • Ken Gold
  • Keith McNease
  • Mike Beavers
  • Dan Stone
  • Stephen Blaskey
  • Sonia Gover
  • James Carr
  • Miguel Escobar
  • Donny Sosa
  • Brent Jones

Early Meeting (±11:00)

  1. Brief discussion of member reappointments (Sheila, Mike, Brandi, Dan and Sonia)
  2. Brief discussion of officer reelection
  3. Discussion of format for afternoon meeting
  4. Other

Lunch (provided ±12:00)

Call to Order (±12:30) – Welcome and introductions

  1. Unfinished Business
  2. GISSO Report as available (membership status, meeting attendance, activities, student concerns/requests/feedback, etc.)
    1. results of most recent student competition
  3. Approval of the 2017 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes
  4. Member reappointments
  5. Officer re-election or election
  6. University Updates
    1. University requests our endorsement of two changes to the curriculum
    2. Link to current curriculum with course descriptions
  7. Review of end-of-course memos to check for compliance with ABET criteria
  8. Student feedback regarding the program in general
  9. Other Business
  10. Next meeting time and content
  11. Final thoughts and comments
  12. Adjournment

Make other requests in comment section below, or email the chair

Member & Officer Term Expiration

  • Spring 2018 – Sheila Steffenson, Mike Beavers, Brandi Lowe, Dan Stone, Sonia Gover
  • Spring 2019 – Noela Garza, Ken Gold, James Carr, Donny Sosa, Brent Jones
  • Spring 2020 – William Bernsen, Keith McNease, Stephen Blaskey, Miguel Escobar
  • Chair’s term expires Spring of 2018
  • Vice-Chair’s term expires Spring of 2018

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