2016 Spring Regular Meeting Agenda

TAMU-CC Academic Advising Committee Agenda

Spring 2016, 4/22/2016, Time 11:00 am, Conrad Blucher Institute Conference Room


  • William Bernsen, Chair
  • Brandi Lowe, Vice Chair
  • Sheila Steffenson
  • Noela Garza
  • Ken Gold
  • Keith McNease
  • Davey Edwards
  • Mike Beavers
  • Dan Stone
  • Stephen Blaskey
  • Sonia Gover
  • James Carr
  • Miguel Escobar
  • Chip Urban
  • Donny Sosa

Early Meeting (±11:00)

  1. Discussion of 2016 Proposed Adjustments to Bylaws
  2. Potential for new member (Brent Jones)
  3. Preparation for meeting of the Mastermind Group
  4. Other

Lunch (provided ±12:00)

Call to Order (±12:30) – Welcome and introductions

  1. Unfinished Business
  2. Approval of the 2015 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes
  3. Member reappointments
    1. Noela Garza, Ken Gold, Davey Edwards, James Carr
  4. Meeting of the Mastermind Group
  5. Other Business
  6. Final thoughts and comments
  7. Next meeting time and content
  8. Adjournment

Make other requests in comment section below, or email the chair

Member & Officer Term Expiration

  • Spring 2016 – Noela Garza, Ken Gold, Davey Edwards, James Carr, Donny Sosa
  • Spring 2017 – William Bernsen, Keith McNease, Stephen Blaskey, Miguel Escobar, Chip Urban
  • Spring 2018 – Sheila Steffenson, Mike Beavers, Brandi Lowe, Dan Stone, Sonia Gover
  • Chair’s term expires Spring of 2018
  • Vice-Chair’s term expires Spring of 2018


  1. Good Afternoon, Everyone:

    We have a great agenda. Thanks to the AAC members and GISC/GSEN faculty for bringing-up these important issues.

    I was asked by Rick to research two issues: (1) determine the time spent on ethics and professional responsibility in undergraduate courses and (2) examine whether our courses are adequately preparing students for the fundamentals of surveying and registered professional land surveyors exams.

    In ethics, two classes include large amounts of ethics including weekly discussions about the duty of the surveyor and making good choices. Those classes include Legal Aspects of Surveying (GISC 4305) and Cadastal (GISC 4318). In 4305, students also complete 5 ethical hypothetical to help them “reason” through a problem.

    Two other classes tangentially address ethics: Mike’s Photogrammetry has one lecture about “telling the truth with aerial imagery” and Seneca’s Visualization has one lecture called “Ethics in Cartography.”

    With respect to the SIT/RPLS prep, many traditional surveying courses prepare the students for either exam. Fundamentals I (2470) and Fundamentals II (3412) address many of the calculations and best-practices. Cadastal (4318) and Legal (4305) cover topics like (i) research, (ii) field practices, (iii) priority of calls, (iv) types of deeds, etc. Finally, Comps & Adjustments (4340) and Geodesy (3225) fill-in the rest.

    I am requiring my students in 2470 and 3412 to only use HP35 calculators for exams and answer midterm/finals closed book. But I am always searching for more ways to get them ready for the exams.

    Thank you for taking the time to read my report and I’m here to answer any questions before the April meeting.


  2. From the Bylaws, here are suggested sources of potential new members:
    Eminent practitioners in the related professions
    Academics from other universities, if appropriate
    Representatives of professional associations
    People prominent in community service
    School teachers
    Representatives of major relevant employers
    GISc program graduates

  3. Early meeting discussion, potential for making the brainstorming session the normal meeting format for future Spring Meetings.

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