2016 Proposed Adjustments to Bylaws

At the 2015 Fall Meeting, it was suggested that the bylaws may need adjustments to ensure that the AAC is authorized to advise on programs other than the undergraduate GISc Program.  After some study, I suggest the following changes to the bylaws may be appropriate.

2015 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes


Proposed Adjustments

  1. All references to “GISc program” shall be changed to “GISc Program” (simple capitalization change).
  2. All appropriate references to “program” shall be changed to Program (simple capitalization change).
  3. Section 1.02, Item 3 – The definition of “GISc program” shall be amended to read as follows:

    GISc PprogramTAMU-CC Geographic Information Science program Any TAMU-CC degree program relating to the Geographic Information Sciences for which the University seeks advisement.

  4. Section 1.02 – Definitions, in the definition of GIS, strike everything after the word Systems [the two career paths have been eliminated] [and add something about computer systems?]
  5. Section 1.03 – Scope, in item number 1, strike “overall” and change “degree plan” to “degree plans” (plural).
  6. In Section 2.01 – Structure and Qualifications of Members, strike the words “the undergraduate program” near the end of the second sentence and replace them with “any GISc Program for which the University seeks advisement”.

Please post any other suggested adjustments in the comment form below, and feel free to post any other comments you may have.  We will discuss this during the early meeting and decide whether we should place it (and where) on the formal agenda or table it for the next meeting.


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  2. Regarding item 4, we are not proposing to strike the definition of GIS all together.

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  4. Update!

    We discussed these amendments in the early meeting in the Fall of 2016. However, we are not sure that we actually voted on and approved them in the formal meeting. Therefore, I am going to bring it up again at the Fall 2017 meeting, with three additional proposals, as follows:

    1) Section 2.03, first sentence, strike everything after “fall meeting”, or strike ” following election or reappointment”. It was planned that elections would be held in the spring and the terms would begin in the fall. As it has worked out, we have not been having spring meetings. As a result, our Fall Agenda’s regularly state that members’ terms expired last spring. With this change to the bylaws, we can simply do elections and reappointments in the fall with no confusion.

    2) Section 1.02 – Strike the definition of GIS altogether as it does not appear anywhere in the bylaws.

    3) We have previously given our support to the University to change the name of the program. I would like the committee to authorize the chair to make the necessary changes to the bylaws regarding the name change once it has become official.

  5. Another Update!

    Regarding Item 6, Section 2.01, during one of our discussions, it was determined that we should insert the words “the College of Science and Engineering” (not “any GISc Program for which the University seeks advisement”) to broaden the scope of those who could NOT be a member of the committee.

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