Motion to Amend Bylaws – Officer Reelection

WHEREAS, concern has been raised by the committee regarding the procedures for reappointing officers; and

WHEREAS, the committee wishes to change the said procedure, and has appointed Ken Gold to suggest such changes; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the AAC Bylaws be amended as follows:

Section 3.04 – Officer Reappointments Reelection

Officers may be reappointed by unanimous consent.  The Chairperson shall notify any officer whose term is due to expire of their pending reappointment.  If the officer does not consent to a new term, then normal election procedures shall be followed to elect a replacement.  If the officer consents to a new term, then the Chairperson shall notify the Committee via regular meeting announcements.  Any Member may object to the unanimous consent at any time prior to reappointment.  If there are no objections, then the Chairperson shall reappoint the Member to a new term of office.  If any Member objects, then time shall be allowed for discussion, and a vote shall be taken.  If a majority vote for reappointment is not achieved, then normal election procedures for a new officer shall commence.

An officer seeking reelection to a new term must so inform the committee.  The committee, while in session, must receive a motion and second for such officer’s reelection and, after discussion, if motion passes it shall serve as a reelection of said officer.  If no motion is offered or the motion fails, nominations and elections shall proceed as provided herein.


  1. We will discuss this during the early meeting and vote when the item comes up on the agenda in the afternoon meeting.  Please make comments below, or be prepared to comment at the meeting.

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  3. Committee adopted this amendment at the formal meeting. Bylaws were updated 11/4/2012.

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