Motion to Amend Bylaws – Amend Nominating Procedures

The committee has agreed in principle that there is no reason to be forced to reject any qualified candidates who are willing to serve simply due to an interpretation of the current bylaws.


I move to amend Section 2.05 – Procedures for Nominating New Members of the bylaws as follows:

Section 2.05 – Procedures for Nominating New Members

In the event that a vacancy (or vacancies) occurs on the Committee, Members shall nominate a candidates (or candidates) for a replacement.  Members wishing to make a nomination shall first notify the candidate.  The notification shall be accompanied by a copy of the bylaws to ensure the candidate is made fully aware of the scope of responsibilities and terms of service.  A candidates willing to serve shall become an official nominees upon written confirmation of acceptance.  Said confirmation shall be submitted to the Chairperson along with relevant information regarding the candidates qualifications and/or other reasons for nomination.  A minimum of three candidates shall be nominated to fill the first vacancy, and at least one additional candidate shall be nominated for each additional vacancy. There shall be no limitations on the number of vacancies to be filled, or on the number of candidates to be nominated.


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