2010 May Special Online Meeting Minutes

Here are the minutes of the 2010 May Special Online Meeting of the TAMU-CC AAC, completed 8/24/2010.

The 2010 May Special Online Agenda can be found here.

Agenda Items

  • To date, no nominations have been received for a new Vice Chairperson.  This item will be addressed at the next regular meeting.
  • Nominations for new members has been completed.  The following people were nominated for membership:
    • Davey Edwards
    • Tim Alford
    • Brandi Kolenovski
    • Mike Beavers
    • Jack Avis
    • Dan Stone
    • Michael Ouimet
    • Joanna Sanchez
    • Sterling Harris
  • By email, the committee voted unanimously to elect ALL of the nominees.  The new members will be notified of their elections and invited to the 2010 Fall Regular Meeting.

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