2012 Spring Member Reappointments

Membership terms expire following the spring meeting each year.  The terms are staggered so that about 1/3 of the committee members’ terms expire each year.

This spring, the following members’ terms expire:

  • Sheila Steffenson
  • Mike Beavers
  • Brandi Lowe
  • Jack Avis
  • Dan Stone

If your name is on this list, then consider this notice of your pending reappointment at the spring meeting to a new 3-year term to begin in the fall of 2012.  Please post your acceptance or rejection of the reappointment in the comment form below so that the committee has a record of your response (or use the Contact the Chair page if you prefer).

We will vote on the reappointments at the next meeting using unanimous consent.  Any member has until that time to object.  If you object, please contact the chair directly.  If there are any objections, we will vote on each reappointment individually, at the meetings.  See Section 2.04 of the Bylaws for further details.


  1. Billy, I would like to be considered for reappointment to the ACC. Thanks

  2. Billy et al

    I would also like to remain on the board for another 3 years.  Feel I can give an additonal perspective as a GIS professional/employer working in the Federal Realm

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