Online Meeting Instructions for 9/23/11

I am not sure if I will have time to get this setup before the meeting, but here are the instructions just in case.

Running The Web Meeting

To run the meeting:

  1. On Desktop, open web link titled “TAMU Web Conference Login” (center of desktop)
  2. Log in using these credentials:
    1. User: tamuccaac
    2. Password: giscrocks!
    3. Click on the “My Schedule” link on the left.
    4. You should see the TAMUCC GISC AAC Meeting link.
    5. Click “Lead” under the meeting link to launch the software.
    6. You may need to tell IE that it is OK to Install and Allow the Saba Centra software.
    7. Once inside the Saba Centra software, it may prompt you to complete the audio setup wizard.  You may cancel this wizard since you are not using the audio capabilities.
    8. To import your PPT presentation, click the ”Import” button on the lower-left area.
      1. Choose the PPT file
      2. Choose JPG and Large-1024×768 for size.
      3. The presentation will upload to the Agenda area.
      4. (If for some reason you want to re-load the presentation, click File->Clear Agenda)
      5. If you want to show an application (like the web browser), first open the application, then click “Appshare” at the top and select which applications you wish to share (show).
        1. When done showing an application, click on the yellow “Appshare Tools” menu then click “Quit Appshare”.
        2. You can stream video by clicking the “Video” button on the top right.
        3. You can go full screen if you click the “Full Screen” button on the top right.
        4. When done, close Saba Centra and do not create a post-even email.

For others to attend the meeting:

  1. Open a web browser.
  2. Visit this link:
  3. Enter your email address (of the attendee).
  4. Click Launch on Desktop for the best experience.
    1. If step 4 does not work, have then click Launch in Browser but it will not be as nice an experience.


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  1. Online meeting is now up and running…

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