2011 Fall Regular Meeting Agenda

TAMU-CC Academic Advising Committee Agenda

Fall 2011, 9/23/2011, Time 11:00 am, Conrad Blucher Institute Conference Room


  • William Bernsen, Chair
  • Brandi Lowe, Vice Chair
  • Sheila Steffenson
  • Noela Garza
  • Ken Gold
  • Keith McNease
  • Brian Autio
  • Davey Edwards
  • Tim Alford
  • Mike Beavers
  • Jack Avis
  • Dan Stone
  • Michael Ouimet
  • Joanna Sanchez

Early Meeting (11:00)

Lunch (12:00)

Call to Order (±12:30)



Approval of Previous Minutes

  • Approval of 2010 Fall Regular Meeting Minutes
    • We will not be reading the minutes.  Please review them in advance and make comments via the web page, or come prepared with comments at the meeting.

GISSO Report (as available)

  • Membership status
  • Meeting attendance
  • GISSO activities
  • Student concerns/requests/feedback

Unfinished Business

  • Officer reapointment – bylaws amendment (assign to sub-committee?)
  • Plan for student interviews/presentations (table for now?)
  • Faculty discussion of use of professionals as guest lecturers (any updates?)

Agenda Items

    New Business

    • Committee matters
      • Action Items from early meeting (if any)
      • Member reappointment – 2011 Spring Member Reappointment – 3 member re-appointments
      • Officer reappointment – both the Chair and Vice Chair have agreed to continue
    • Other matters
      • Discussion of the future of online classes, and obstacles (see this link)
      • Discussion of the future direction of the CBI Endowed Chair, and recruitment efforts (see this link)
      • Discussion of latest changes to BS and BS/MS Combined degree plans (see this link and this link)
    • Make other requests below, or email the chair

    Final thoughts and comments

    Adjournment (2:30 – 3:00)

    Term Expirations

    • Spring 2012 – Sheila Steffenson, Mike Beavers, Brandi Lowe, Jack Avis, Dan Stone
    • Spring 2013 – Nola Garza, Ken Gold, Davey Edwards, Tim Alford, Joanna Sanchez
    • Spring 2014 – William Bernsen, Brian Autio, Keith McNease

One Comment:

  1. The university is up for ABET accreditation next summer.  We have been discussing having some sort of presentation by faculty and students on course content, projects, and samples of curriculum, etc.  Perhaps we should have a spring meeting specifically for these presentations, as this would also be the same sort of information that would be presented to ABET.  We could kill two birds with one stone.  We get our presentations, and the faculty gets a dry run for their ABET accreditation, and then would have time to discuss our comments and make changes prior to presenting the material to ABET.  Perhaps a portion of the early meeting and maybe a portion of the afternoon meeting should be dedicated to planning the presentations.

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