2010 May Special Online Meeting Agenda

TAMU-CC AAC May Special Online Meeting Agenda – May 2010, to be closed prior to the Fall Meeting

Unfinished Business from the 2010 Spring Online Meeting

  • Nominations for Vice Chair are open, see this post for prior discussion.  This is not the most urgent item.  It would be best to complete this by the next meeting, but not absolutely necessary.  We can do this at the next meeting if the committee would prefer.  If we don’t get any nominations for the new vice chair by the next meeting, then I will add it to the Fall Agenda.
  • Nominations for new members is ongoing, see this post for prior discussion.  We have 4 nominees at this time, and it looks like a 5th nomination is on the way.  In order to get the committee to 11 total members, we need one more nomination at least.  It would be best to complete this item before the  next meeting so that new members may attend.  Once nominations are closed, we need to make arrangements to discuss them (conference call would probably be best) and then we can vote via email.  We need to complete this process at least 30 days prior to the next meeting so that the new members can make arrangements to attend.

Please note that all prior discussions have been closed to future comments. So, please contain all future discussion on these two topics to this post only.

These are the last two items that need to be addressed prior to the Fall Meeting.  Thanks again for you time.  At minimum, prior to the next meeting, we need to get the last nomination and then vote on the new members.  I will make arrangements for the discussion and voting once nominations are closed.  Feel free to leave any comments if you have any.


  1. Keith posted this comment today, but under the wrong post.  I am moving it here.

    I nominate Jack Avis. Jack is a RPLS and a GIS professional and has accepted the nomination. He works with Baker-Aicklen in Leander and has a great perspective of how both professions differ and overlap. I believe he is head of the TSPS GIS committee and serves on the ACC academic advisory committee. I will forward his resume in the next day or so, once I receive it.

  2. I nominate Dan Stone.  Dan is the ESRI San Antonio Technical Services Coordinator.  He has numreous years of GIS experience and has spent some time (as a personal interest) in learning about surveying.  He has hiring responsibility for technical resources and thus is very aware of capabilites that the current market is looking for.  I feel he will add much value to the Board.

  3. I nominate Michael Ouimet.  Gary suggested Michael and contacted him for us.  He is very excited at the opportunity to serve on the committee, and I think he will make a most excellent addition.  He is currently “Associate Team Lead,  Department of Homeland Security, Office of Infrastructure Protection / Booz Allen Hamilton” – according to his resume, and for the 12 years prior to that, he was the State GIS Coordinator for the Texas Department of Information Resources.  We are waiting on one or two more resumes to trickle in, then we will be ready for a vote.

  4. Finally, one more nomination.  Joanna Sanchez-  the GIS Manager for the City of McAllen. Really bright girl…She spends a lot of her time mentoring and helping all the little cities in the valley use GIS and GPS and also teaches at South Texas College. She also started a nonprofit program for high school  students.

  5. OK.  I think it is time to close the nominations.  I will compile a list and send out all the resumes.  Thanks to everybody for all the great nominations.

  6. Oops.  It looks like I forgot to submit one of my nominees.  I nominate Sterling Harris, who is the GIS Technology Coordinator for the Texas General Land Office.

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