2010 Spring Online Meeting Agenda

TAMU-CC Academic Advisory Committee Agenda

April 2010, Online, meeting ends April 30

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  • William Bernsen, Chair
  • Jeff Myerson, Vice Chair
  • Sheila Steffenson
  • Noela Garza
  • Ken Gold
  • Bill O’Hara
  • Keith McNease
  • Brian Autio


Unfinished Business

Agenda Items

New Business

  • Always feel free to offer your suggestions to improve the program
  • Other – Any other business, either contact the chair or post comments using the comment form below
  • According to Dr. Loon, the fall meeting will be an important one.  The faculty is in the process of researching what will need to be done to meet ABET accreditation.  He also said that most of the changes to the MS degree will be made for the 2011 catalog, and this meeting is where we will begin the discussion of the new MS program.  I have some items I would like to discuss at that meeting, if we have time, and will post more information here when I am ready.
  • Please, if you have any agenda item requests or other comments for this online meeting, please post them using the comment form below
  • Please, if you have suggestions, comments or want to request agenda items for the fall meeting, go to the post on the 2010 Fall Regular Meeting Agenda, and make them there.
  • At the conclusion of this online meeting, I will post a summary (we’ll call them minutes) for everybody to change, vote on and approve.

Term Expirations

  • Spring 2010 – Noela Garza, Ken Gold, Bill O’Hara
  • Spring 2011 – William Bernsen, Brian Autio, Keith McNease
  • Spring 2012 – Jeff Myerson, Sheila Steffenson