2010 Proposed BS Catalog

Here is the latest version of the 2010 BS degree catalog with course descriptions.  You can view the catalog in the document viewer, or download the .pdf file to your computer or another browser window.  We will discuss the new catalog in more detail later, but this information is posted here for reference.  As always, we are to review content and offer suggestions to improve the program.

The classes are basically the same, though there have been a couple minor changes.  The primary difference is Section IV, Designated Electives, now has only three classes and no longer is different between the two emphases.

You will find links to the current catalog year degree requirements and courses descriptions with syllabi under the “Resources” section of the right sidebar which can be used to make comparisons between the old and new catalogs.

Click here to download this file in its native format (PDF, 45KB)


  1. It appears to me that the BS degree plan is geared more for surveyors who are GIS users, while the MS degree plan almost entirely focuses on GIS vs Geomatics.

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  3. If you cannot see the catalogs in the document viewer, then use the links at the bottom of the viewer, just above the “tags”, to download it.  Apparently, people using Internet Explorer cannot view them.  I will check into it.  In the mean time, just use the links to download the pdf files.

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