2010 Spring Officer Reappointments

The spring meeting is when we elect officers for the following year, with terms to begin effective the adjournment of this online meeting.

According to the bylaws, if we agree to serve a new term as officers, then all we must do is consent.  Members have until adjournment of the online meeting to object, in which case nominations will need to be made for new officers, and elections held.

I agree to serve another term if the committee will have me.

I am not sure if Jeff will be able to continue to serve as vice chair.  When he responds to my email, I will add a comment to this post.  If he is unable to continue as vice chair, nominations shall be opened immediately for a new vice chair.  We can make nominations and vote here.

Committee vote yea or nay please (thumbs up or thumbs down)

Votes cannot be changed, so be sure to click the right button the first time. :smile:

If you approve the chair reappointment, just vote thumbs up.  If you object, then leave a comment below or email the chair.  If there are no objections, then the reappointment will be automatically approved and recorded in the minutes.  We will have to hold a separate vote for the election of a new vice chair.

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William B


I am a Registered Professional Land Surveyor and work for a small land surveying and mapping business called Absolute Land Surveying, Ltd., located in Plum, Texas. I am a 1999 graduate of the Geomatics Program and was the 6th graduate overall of the Program. I am also a member of the Texas Board of Professional Land Surveyors' Item Writing Committee that develops questions for the Board's legal and analytical exams.

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